Our team has developed a revolutionary new design for scent training aid materials used for training explosives detection K-9s.

What is TrueScent®?

TrueScent K-9 training aids are authentic explosives scent samples prepared in a “safe-to-handle” form that are DOT approved for transport and stable for storage. Each training aid consists of a scent material individually packaged in a “breather” bag within an outer re-sealable anti-contamination pouch.

What are the Advantages?

TrueScent K-9 Scent Training Aids offer the following advantages:

  • Materials are prepared from REAL explosives - not pseudo scents 
  • Multiple levels of explosives offered range from primary to tertiary
  • Safe to handle and store  - no explosive magazine required
  • Approved for unrestricted transport by the DOT
  • Innovative packaging provides extended shelf-life
  • Specifically-designed "breather" bags allow for easier handling
  • Reduced risk of spillage or cross-contamination
  • Consistent odor signature for each training session
  • Blank "distractor" materials are also available 
  • DOJ-ATF permit not required
TrueScent video

“War dogs have, indeed, served the nation well and saved many lives. Dogs continue to serve to protect Americans both in combat zones and in homeland security roles.”

— General Colin L. Powell, USA (Retired)

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