Due to their explosive properties, transporting TATP, HMTD, and other high explosive materials is prohibited by the Department of Transportation (DOT) unless appropriate testing has been performed and DOT assigns a hazard classification that would be acceptable for commercial transport. Hazard classifications are designated by DOT and are dependent on hazard properties of the material. If a material is deemed non-hazardous through appropriate testing and historical data, the material may be classified as non-hazardous and unregulated for shipping purposes.

Third-party testing facilities are often used to perform DOT-required testing. Testing results are reviewed by DOT and a hazard classification is issued.


As recommended by DOT, the testing company performed United Nations Series testing for each of the scent materials including thermal stability tests, external fire tests, and simulated bulk auto ignition test (SBAT).

The scent materials did not exhibit any explosive or hazardous properties when tested. Based on results provided to DOT, TrueScent K-9 training aids of the primary explosives TATP and HMTD, as well as TrueScent products of the high explosives were not deemed to be Class 1 explosives.


Signature Science has successfully developed safe-to-handle explosives K-9 scent training aids. Third-party safety testing was completed and DOT has approved the transport of materials via commercial carrier. Signature Science has the authority to ship the TrueScent K-9 training aids without restrictions.